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Broken Axle Replacement

A damaged or worn axle isn't just hard on your vehicle, it can be extremely dangerous to be on the road. Make sure you and your family are safe and keep your wheels on the road with Hutcheson Transmission Service. We have been family-owned and operated since 1969, so from our family to yours we want you to be safe.

Don't ignore the warning signs

  • Sputtering or clanking noises

  • Vibrating steering wheel while driving

  • Rumbling sound while accelerating

  • Clicking noises when turning

  • Engine will rev up but car won't move

  • Loud noises as the vehicle accelerates

  • Grease covering the axle

  • Cracks in the axle

Schedule your axle inspection


Protect your investment and your family by bringing your vehicle in to have the axles checked for any damage, cracks, or sign of wear. We'll make sure your car and passengers stay safe.

Our team comprises of ASE and ATRA-certified technicians

Broken axle? Call today and we'll get you back on the road

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the warning signs, call today to get your car in and have your axle repaired before further damage or an accident can occur.


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